Covell Widening Update – October 2016

In October 2016, Brookhaven HOA contacted the Edmond City Engineer for an update on the Covell widening.  The following information was provided:

1. The Covell widening has not been funded,

2. The only design is the conceptual,

3. No detailed engineering design has been started or approved,

4. The time frame for the construction is in the next 8 to 10 years,

5. No need for Brookhaven to schedule a meeting with the City in the immediate time frame,

6. All could change if the City Council changes the priority for the widening.

Currently, the East side of Covell (I-35 to Fairfax) is under way.  Widening from Boulevard to the West is completed to Mitch Park. Widening West to the City limit is proposed. Oklahoma County is responsible for the widening from City of Edmond city limit to Portland.  The City confirmed that Covell as a main parkway is still a priority and that we should keep touch with the City Council concerning their priorities.